Bolder Boulder 10k has been moved from Memorial Day to Labor Day

Organizers of the Bolder Boulder 10k in Boulder, Colorado has announced that the hugely popular annual road race will take place on Labor Day weekend in 2020 instead of Memorial Day weekend. They also said that their parallel race that’s normally held on Labor Day weekend in Fort Collins — the FORTitude 10K — will be folded into the Bolder Boulder and will return to its normal setup next year.

Earlier this week it was announced that due to the coronavirus pandemic there would be a postponement of the Boulder race which runs through the Colorado city’s streets and ends at Folsom Field on the University of Colorado campus.

“There continues to be increasing and substantial challenges for our communities including Boulder and Fort Collins, as well as for (Colorado State University) and CU. Two great communities and two great universities are coming together, reflecting the spirit that is our culture in Colorado,” race director Cliff Bosley said in a prepared statement of the effort to merge the two 10Ks.

The Bolder Boulder is in its 42nd year and the FORTitude 10K was first run in 2017.

“Whether you’re running the BOLDERBoulder on Labor Day or running the FORTitude on Labor Day, we’re running together. Everyone we met with to arrive at this decision recognizes that while Boulder and Fort Collins as well as CU and CSU compete in many areas, this is another example of coming together to collaborate,” Bosley said.

posted Saturday March 21st