Black Lives Matter movement could be run as a marathon

I’ve been seeing this saying a lot throughout social media, about the Black Lives Matter movement — it’s not a sprint, but a marathon. As a runner, this saying struck a chord for me, and I wanted to break down what this idea means for the movement and how it relates to the practice of running.

I haven’t completed a marathon yet (a future goal), but I know it can take months to years of training to complete. At times during training, you may “hit the wall” or “burn out” from overworking yourself. Here is where you can grow in mental strength in your practice, and learn to overcome those hurdles. In the same way, we must remember to keep reminding and educating ourselves about racial equality, diversity, and inclusion — and do so even if we’re tired or others aren’t listening.

When you complete a marathon, you have accomplished a goal you never thought you could. However, as a runner, that isn’t your end goal. You do not stop running after you finish that marathon. You keep reaching to surpass your goals.

The Black Lives Matter movement can work in the same way — reach your goals internally and outwardly, and then keep reaching to surpass and break your own limits. Black Lives Matter should become an extension of yourself that you keep exercising, and continue to grow stronger with it.

posted Thursday July 30th
by Maddie Prentince