Bill Burrows a Lung cancer survivor is participating in Oklahoma Marathon

Runners come from near and far for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.

Officials say all 50 states will be represented, along with 11 countries.

Each runner has their own reason to compete.

For one man who beat lung cancer, the finish line never looked better.

"Before I was 50, I was like anybody else - work all the time, not eat right. I smoked for 35 years," said Bill Burrows. "I got a $79 lung scan, which I didn't think I needed `cause I was in pretty good shape. And they found cancer. And I thought, 'I`m done. That's it.'"

Three weeks later, he underwent a successful surgery and is now cancer free.

"So I'm running now for people who can't run, helping people remember what happened during the bombing. You being there shows that we care about what's going on," he said.

posted Saturday April 27th