A Green Bay man is trying to break a world record with 100 lbs on back

William Kocken’s backpack weighs in at over 100 pounds. He’s wearing it on his back during the Cellcom Green Bay marathon, and it could be his ticket to setting a Guinness World Record, as long as he finished the 26.2 miles In less than six hours, 47 minutes and three seconds, setting a new world record and helping veterans in the process. “It's not about me breaking the world record; it's about what we can do in our community, how we can help veterans and how we can help our fellow brothers and sisters in our community,” Kocken said. Kocken leads a group called "Fourth Hooah Wisconsin" which raises money to help local veterans. It brought in over $200,000 last year, but this year is a different approach. "This idea came about over probably more cocktails than you're supposed to have. We were sitting up one night after one of the ruckmarches and discussing the fact that some of these records might be breakable,” said friend, Jason Braun. 

posted Monday May 7th