78-year-old EIna Roxström is running her 40th Stockholm marathon

Every weekday Elna Roxstrom wakes up just after 3AM.  She makes coffee and reads the morning newspaper. Then she goes out and runs for an hour and a quarter. “The mornings are absolutely amazing. It's cool and it is just me and the moon,” Elna says. A big goal for her is to complete 40 Stockholm Marathons. She ran 3 hours and 48 minutes on her 20th race and her best time came four years later: 3:24:06. This year, her goal is to get under six hours. "It's a big goal to complete 40.  Sometimes I wonder how I did it with four children and several grandchildren.  The Stockholm Marathon Jubilee is not my final goal.”  She will continue to run the race as long as she can stay under the time limit.

posted Friday May 25th