6 Nutrition Podcasts to Help Fuel Your Next Run or Race

Nutrition can be the toughest part of training for many runners. These podcasts offer advice you can listen to on the run. 

If you’re the type who likes to listen to podcasts on your runs (or while working or performing everyday tasks), you’ve probably turned to a running podcast or two. These days, you can find podcasts that cover the sport from a range of views, including interviews with pro athletes, everyday runners, or experts dishing out advice, making it hard to narrow down your selection.

Health and wellness, specifically nutrition is no exception, as virtually every running podcast out there will touch on it in some form or another. Nutrition advice can be key to training, though, as it’s often an overlooked aspect that can help you get to the start and finish line of a race with energy.

Here, we’ve rounded up six nutrition podcasts that not only offer fueling advice for runners, but provide the info in an entertaining and easy-to-understand format. 

1. If you’re looking for specific, expert-backed fueling advice...

Eat for Endurance

The Eat for Endurance podcast is not only hosted by a board-certified sports dietitian, but registered dietitians also make up the majority of the show’s guest list. Host Claire Shorenstein covers how athletes can fuel themselves for longevity in their chosen sport both by interviewing fellow experts, profiling high-performing athletes, and imparting relevant advice in solo episodes. 

The show covers everything from fueling for road races, triathlons, and ultra distances to navigating peri- and post-menopause.

2. If you’re looking for nutrition advice geared toward women...

Female Athlete Nutrition

Hosted by sports dietitian Lindsey Elizabeth Cortes, whose clients include NCAA, professional, and recreational athletes, Female Athlete Nutrition caters to the needs of female athletes, as the name of the show implies. 

Because nutrition needs for male and female athletes can vary drastically, especially if a female athlete has dealt with issues like low iron or an eating disorder, it can often be a game-changer for female runners to turn to an expert who is well-versed in those needs. The podcast covers all aspects of fueling for performance, as well as how things like body image and mindset can come into play.

3. If you want more entertainment with your nutrition tips...

The Run Eat Sleep Show

It’s safe to say content creator and influencer Tommie Runz has his nutrition down pat, having brought his marathon PR down to 2:46 at this year’s Boston Marathon from his first marathon, which he clocked in 3:13:30 in 2019 and after only starting to run in 2018, a year after getting sober. 

As the name of his podcast implies, eating habits are a core aspect of any runner’s progress. In addition to being very open about his vegan lifestyle, he frequently interviews experts like registered dietitians in addition to professional athletes about their fueling.

4. If you want solid nutrition advice, as well as other topics...

The Running Explained Podcast

The Running Explained Podcast, hosted by RRCA Level 1-, UESCA-, and USATF Level 1-certified coach Elisabeth Scott, covers a wide variety of info about a healthy running lifestyle for athletes of all abilities and training levels. This includes nutrition—from how to fuel your overall training to preventing bone injuries—with advice coming straight from experts like registered dietitians and physical therapists.

5. If you want to focus on injury prevention...

The Injured Athletes Club

The “injured athletes club” is a club no runner wants to be a part of, but one nearly every runner can relate to at some point in their journey. This show, hosted by health and fitness journalist (and Runner’s World contributor) Cindy Kuzma and mental performance consultant Carrie Jackson, covers resources and personal stories from athletes on how to physically and mentally navigate and overcome injuries. But they also answer athlete questions and interview relevant experts to cover related topics, including how one’s nutrition can play into their injury prevention.

6. If you want a longer wellness deep dive...

The Rich Roll Podcast

With most episodes lasting around two hours long, it’s safe to say Rich Roll’s show dives deep into the wellness topic at hand, which frequently includes nutrition. 

Roll, a vegan ultra-endurance athlete in his own right, knows a thing or two about sports nutrition himself, but his show serves as an extended opportunity for experts and fellow athletes alike to educate and inspire listeners through their perspectives on health and wellness topics, including nutrition.

posted Saturday November 18th
by Runner’s World