18-year-old Chinese girl was the youngest to finish the North Pole Marathon

Xing Jiawen spent 11 hours and 55 minutes running the World's coolest Marathon in the North Pole with a temperature of minus 35 degrees centigrade (-31F).  According to the marathon's website, competitors are required to run ten laps of a specially created track, on top of a huge piece of floating ice with a thickness of 1.8 to 3.6 meters. “Although it sounds hard, I believe that I can make it,” Xing said before the race. She added that the only way she could fail was if she got injured during the race; otherwise, she would make every effort to complete it. Although Xing and her father had prepared themselves for the race, the harsh conditions of the North Pole were beyond their expectations. Shortly after the race began, Xing's whole foot got lodged in an ice cave. She was terrified, but quickly managed to move forward. Xing can now see how the North Pole Marathon has changed her, and understands what her teacher once said, “As for exploring new things, there may not be a correct answer even if you work hard enough, and sometimes, we do it not even for one.”

posted Wednesday May 30th