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400 Ultra Gobi

Monday August 17th, 2020
Gobi Desert, China
Distance: 400 k

Ultra Gobi is a 400km non-stop, self – navigation, self-supported race,held in southern Gobi Desert, on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau, in Western
China, Gansu Province. Ultra Gobi is a small, exclusive race,limited to 50 people. It is our aim to make this race into one of the world’s greatest running races and adventures. The support we offer to runners during the race is in unparalleled in ultra-running.Ultra Gobi is organized by Beijing Xingzhi Exploring company who organize sporting events andalso work in tourism development in China. The vision andthe goal of Xingzhi is to create one of the world’s premier ultra-races here in China.We warmly welcome foreign visitors to both Chinaand Gansu province. Few foreigners get a chance to come to this one regionof China and we would like to showcase it to the world.

With more than half of the places are reserved for Chinese runners,and so the foreign participants are extremely important to us, you are ourguests and friends first and foremost. Participants of the previous two editionsof Ultra Gobi can testy to that. Stage races are much easier than running non-stop. Psychologically and wellas physically. Knowing that a camp and your friends’company awaits you at the end of the day soon makes a stage racea routine. In Ultra Gobi there is no such comfort at the end of the day.

There are no days or nights. You just run. The desert seems infinite asyour fatigue and sleep deprivation accumulate.If you have done stage races and felt within your comfort zone,Ultra Gobi will raise the bar for you. Most stage races give you an adventureholiday, Ultra Gobi throws you into an adventure. Experience the freedom of free running over 400km.

We have set up an incredible support infrastructure for runners,which allows the participants to run without carrying a lot of weight,non-stop for the whole of 400km. This is truly unique. No other race offerssuch opportunity to run continuously for such a long distance.You have to carry the compulsory gear, but all your food and extra equipment canbe stored in 10 drop off bags at rest stations, which makes fora much lighter weight to carry.

Roughly every 10km, throughout the whole course, there is a water andtiming station.

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400 Ultra Gobi

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