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The weather most likely will be a factory on Marathon Monday, Here is what you need to know

There are going to be showers the entire day, and, at times, there could be some heavy downpours for the Boston Marathon. However this could change. The good news is that cold and wet is better than hot weather. David Epstein, a 30 year meteorologist just posted this today. "On April 15, 1881, the temperature in Boston only reached 40 degrees. Until today, that marked the coldest April 15 in the record books. While the cold is certainly notable, it’s the rain that will really affect Patriots Day and impact the most number of folks outside. As of late Sunday morning, Boston was just a couple of degrees above freezing, and it won’t be much better early Monday. Sunday night will be raw and chilly, and there could be some very light freezing rain or sleet showers before everything trends over toward just a drizzle by morning. It will remain breezy from the east all night. Monday will be a raw and cold day to start, but it will turn a bit milder as the rain pushes into the region, especially in the afternoon. Hopkinton will be about 37 or 38 degrees when the wheelchair racers begin and only a degree or two higher for the first couple of waves. This will be the coldest running of the marathon in many years. There are going to be showers the entire day, and, at times, there could be some heavy downpours. There’s even the risk of thunderstorms in the afternoon as a frontal system pushes through the region. Wind is going to be another factor. A headwind in the morning will turn to a crosswind during the day. At times, especially during some of the heavy downpours, the winds could gust over 25 mph, and that’s enough to create a little bit of instability for the runners. (04/15/2018) ⚡AMP
by David Epstein

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