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How come you think everything is funny? Just seems funny to me!

"I can always count on Gary Fanelli Sr. to see the humor in my FB posts," says Bob Anderson. "It is refreshing." I asked him about this. He says, "Growing up I had an unusually keen sense of humor... it runs in my family on my Mom's side aka Irish wit . I saw humor in just about everything. It got me in trouble in school. Sometimes my Mom would ask "Gary, how come you think everything is funny?" I'd answer "Well I don't know, it just seems funny to me." He was one of the first to wear a costume in a race. After running 25 flat in a five mile race as Elwood Blues his next stop was the New York City Marathon. He said, "Fred Lebow liked the idea...The reaction at NYC was fabulous... I enjoyed so much running races as ' Elwood Blues." I felt I was truly entertaining people." Gary started racing in 1961 as a 10 year old in the Philadelphia area. Gary kept on running until he reached World Class level. He participated in two US Olympic Marathon Trials and has a marathon best of 2:14:15 set in 1980 in Montreal. (03/12/2018) ‚ö°AMP

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