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My Best Runs - Running News Daily is edited by Bob Anderson and team (Michael Anderson, Lisa Anderson-Wall, Jaime Ramon Sanchez, Belinda Rodriguez and webmaster Waitman Gobble). Bob Anderson, was the founder of Runner's World magazine in 1966, Double Racing in 2010 and My Best Runs (MBR) in 2014.

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Kristen Zaitz used to run 120 miles weekly...she now wants to see what she can do on less mileage

Kristen Zaitz is a three-time U.S. Olympic marathon trials qualifier and has a personal best time of 2:32:48. Her next marathon will be Napa... There used to be a time when Kristen Zaitz was putting in 120 miles a week. “I had done it for so long, at such a high level, that I was pretty burned out when I had my daughter a year ago,” said Zaitz. “The training has been super laid back and I really just wanted to come back slowly and have not much pressure on myself. Napa will be a good little eye opener for me.” (Tue 13)

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