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My Best Runs - Running News Daily is edited by Bob Anderson and team (Michael Anderson, Lisa Anderson-Wall, Jaime Ramon Sanchez, Belinda Rodriguez and webmaster Waitman Gobble). Bob Anderson, was the founder of Runner's World magazine in 1966, Double Racing in 2010 and My Best Runs (MBR) in 2014.

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As Millions of Chinese take public transportion Pan Shancu runs 131 miles home instead

As tens of millions of Chinese converged on bus and railway stations last week, 42-year-old Pan Shancu decided to make his own way home for the Lunar New Year holiday – by running 211km (131 miles) across eastern China. He set out just before 4.15am on Thursday and arrived home at about 7am the next day. He would have got there a little sooner, but decided to stop off for a bowl of noodles a few hours from the finish line. Pan, who owns a massage shop in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, took a little under 27 hours to complete the mammoth journey – equivalent to five regular marathons – to his hometown in Tiantai county. “I think running is more fun than driving or taking buses, and you can appreciate the scenery along the way,” he said. (Tue 13)
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