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A Naked Marathon at the Winter Olympics Games...Well maybe not a Marathon...

It’s cold in Pyeongchang, the site of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Very cold. But that did not stop hundreds of runners from competing Saturday in the 26th annual South Korea “naked marathon.” This is a different kind of cool runnings. In fact, it seems to be sheer madness. The temperature in Pyeongchang was 22 degrees, although it felt like 5 degrees once the wind-chill factor was taken into consideration. And while the race was billed as “naked,” total nudity did not take place. Gloves and beanies were allowed, but competitors were not allowed to wear shirts. While the Olympic's men's downhill skiing competition was postponed due to treacherous winds, nothing stopped the runners from taking part in their winter madness. (02/11/2018) ⚡AMP
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