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Run The World Gobal Challenge celebrates running around the world.  We have finished our first year. RTW Global Challenge 6 is a 10 week program that started July 2, 2019 and will finish 10-weeks later on September 11.  The idea is to run or walk and then log those miles on your My Best Runs account. There is no entry fee.  You just need a MBR account and that’s Free too.  Once you sign up you log your miles on your account.  

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James Kalani (54) US, 536 miles

17.89 miles in Los Gatos/Saratoga/Campbell, ca (runner profile)

Cross town run.. slower trying to get through streets with traffic signals. (Mon 29)
Time: 2:40:33 Pace: 8:59 / Total Miles 3,680.92 since 7/4/18
Cool collage 8/5 10:57 am

Paul Shimon (72) US, 81 miles

5.12 miles in Winfield Kansas (runner profile)

Cloud Formation “Alien Attack from Above” (Mon 29) / Total Miles 2,916.61 since 7/4/18
Looks like that! 8/5 10:56 am

Kiranpal Singh Dhody (63) IN, 115 miles

9.94 miles in SAI Kandivali Mumbai (runner profile)

“Enjoying the rain” Today did a 16kms run in 1:51:22 hrs at a lower heart rate of 136 and slower pace of @6:57 min/km fully drenched in rain. After the debacle of BNP Endurathon where I got exhausted after the 19th km because I was running throughout at a HR of over 200 which at times reached 211 also, (medically not advisable). Hence learning from my mistakes, since the last two days in my practice runs, I am not looking at the pace but always keeping an eye on the Heart Rate. And today I ran for nearly 2hrs and didn’t allow my HR to cross 140 mark and felt so much relaxed during and even at the end of my run. After nearly 4yrs of competitive running I have still to learn how to run properly 😳 (Tue 30)
Time: 1:51:22 Pace: 11:13 / Total Miles 1,390.59 since 7/4/18
Well said! 8/5 10:56 am

Brent Weigner (70) US, 158 miles

5.20 miles in Cheyenne Country Club (runner profile)

Beautiful morning and I felt fast. My dog Bonzer is always fast. (Tue 30)
Time: 1:09:56 Pace: 13:27 / Total Miles 2,195.34 since 7/4/18
Beautiful photo! 8/5 10:56 am

Paul Shimon (72) US, 84 miles

3.03 miles in Winfield Kansas (runner profile)

My son and his high School XC team were invited by his coach to be Olympic Torch bearers for the Atlanta Olympics . (Tue 30) / Total Miles 2,919.64 since 7/4/18
Have not seen one of these in a long time. Still five cents! 8/5 10:55 am

Dana Anstey (71) US, 80 miles

4.40 miles in Eugene, Oregon (runner profile)

I couldn’t think of a better place to do my final run as a 70 year old than PRE’s Trail. (Tue 30) / Total Miles 1,104.62 since 8/21/18
Love running the Pre trail 8/5 10:55 am

Brent Weigner (70) US, 161 miles

2.10 miles in Cheyenne (runner profile)

Walking the dog Bonzer with my new haircut which makes me fast. (Tue 30)
Time: 43:00 Pace: 20:29 / Total Miles 2,197.44 since 7/4/18
nothing holding you back! 8/5 10:55 am

James Kalani (54) US, 559 miles

22.68 miles in Los Gatos/Campbell, ca (runner profile)

Getting cooler outside.. 80 degrees is much better than recent temps. (Tue 30)
Time: 3:04:46 Pace: 8:09 / Total Miles 3,703.60 since 7/4/18
Cool photos. 8/5 10:54 am

Brent Weigner (70) US, 164 miles

3.90 miles in Lions Park, Cheyenne’s (runner profile)

Cross training today. (Wed 31)
Time: 48:12 Pace: 12:22 / Total Miles 2,201.34 since 7/4/18
This works! 8/5 10:54 am

Paul Shimon (72) US, 86 miles

2.25 miles in Winfield Kansas (runner profile)

Keep hydrating this Summer! (Wed 31) / Total Miles 2,921.89 since 7/4/18
Can be tough to run in the summer in Kansas. 8/5 10:53 am

James Kalani (54) US, 566 miles

7.03 miles in Los Gatos, Ca (runner profile)

Knee pain today.. taking it easy. (Wed 31)
Time: 1:27:20 Pace: 12:26 / Total Miles 3,710.63 since 7/4/18
Watch that pain and don’t over do it. 8/5 10:53 am

Brent Weigner (70) US, 168 miles

1.00 miles in Cheyenne (runner profile)

Walking the dog. Sue and I leave tomorrow for a race in San Francisco on Sunday. (Thu 1)
Time: 20:00 Pace: 20:00 / Total Miles 2,205.24 since 7/4/18
Get it in! 8/5 10:52 am

Paul Shimon (72) US, 90 miles

4.00 miles in Winfield Kansas (runner profile)

Run walk run (Thu 1) / Total Miles 2,925.89 since 7/4/18
Took you to 90! 8/5 10:51 am

diab (42) PS, 13 miles

13.05 miles in gaza (runner profile)

Player has participated in many tournaments (Thu 1)
Time: 1:06:00 Pace: 5:04 / Total Miles 13.05 since 8/1/19
Wow, this is some fast running. Good to have you on our team! 8/5 10:51 am

Kiranpal Singh Dhody (63) IN, 127 miles

6.21 miles in SAI Kandivali Mumbai (runner profile)

“Rain... Rain.... & Rain... Should I go Should I not” These thought do come every morning as these days it is heavily raining in Mumbai. But don’t miss your workout. A slow run of 10kms @ 6:31 min/km pace to maintain the HR @ 135 Building my body to run at slow Heart Rate and found that these slow runs keep me fresh even after the workouts. (Fri 2)
Time: 1:05:16 Pace: 10:31 / Total Miles 1,402.39 since 7/4/18
Love it. 8/5 10:51 am

Brent Weigner (70) US, 171 miles

2.90 miles in Cheyenne (runner profile)

Easy early morning jog. Leaving for San Francisco this morning. (Fri 2)
Time: 37:46 Pace: 13:02 / Total Miles 2,208.14 since 7/4/18
You are set! 8/5 10:51 am

Paul Shimon (72) US, 93 miles

3.00 miles in Winfield Kansas (runner profile)

Running in the rain! (Fri 2) / Total Miles 2,928.89 since 7/4/18
Can be fun to rain in the rain! 8/5 10:50 am

Dana Anstey (71) US, 86 miles

2.40 miles in Columbia Gorge, Oregon (runner profile)

Cloudy and overcast but comfortable day. (Fri 2) / Total Miles 1,111.02 since 8/21/18
And this water fall? 8/5 10:50 am

Brent Weigner (70) US, 173 miles

2.20 miles in San Francisco (runner profile)

Landed around 2:00 pm. and staying at Inn At The Presidio. (Fri 2)
Time: 42:25 Pace: 19:17 / Total Miles 2,210.34 since 7/4/18
I love this part of SF 8/5 10:50 am

James Kalani (54) US, 585 miles

6.82 miles in Los Angeles, Ca (runner profile)

Vacation in Los Angeles.. Dodgers games are always a must! (Fri 2)
Time: 1:26:38 Pace: 12:43 / Total Miles 3,728.97 since 7/4/18
Fun fun fun! 8/5 10:50 am

Kiranpal Singh Dhody (63) IN, 136 miles

9.94 miles in SAI Kandivali Mumbai (runner profile)

The wet climate will tempt you to stay inside (stick to your bed), but be firm, you are not going to meltdown in rain, instead you will become more stronger, physically and mentally by sticking to your workout. Today did the Weekend Long run of 16kms within 2hrs. Ran at a slow speed in rain as the SAI track was flooded with water and also wanted to maintain low HR. I have often heard people saying “Don’t go out in rain, you will get wet, you will catch cold, you will get fever....” but we Runners never get sick in spite of running for hours in rain. Bottom Line: Running improves our immune system so strong as to fight with any type of viruses. (Sat 3)
Time: 1:57:08 Pace: 11:47 / Total Miles 1,412.33 since 7/4/18
It is easy to not get out but you are a good example of someone who knows it is always important to get out! Love the photo. Very inspiring. 8/5 10:49 am

Michael T Anderson (61) US, 257 miles

4.00 miles in Decatur, GA (runner profile)

Hilly 4 mile race, humid and warm to boot but that is August in Atlanta (Sat 3)
Time: 25:13 Pace: 6:19 / Total Miles 3,055.24 since 7/4/18
Tough time of the year for you guys but 6:19 pace is rocking it! 8/5 10:48 am

Brent Weigner (70) US, 179 miles

6.00 miles in San Francisco (runner profile)

Walked a few miles measuring the race course for tomorrow. (Sat 3)
Time: 3:15 Pace: 0:33 / Total Miles 2,216.34 since 7/4/18
Fun to have you along! 8/5 10:47 am

Paul Shimon (72) US, 98 miles

4.31 miles (runner profile)

Run walk run (Sat 3) / Total Miles 2,933.20 since 7/4/18
That works! 8/5 10:47 am

James Kalani (54) US, 594 miles

9.82 miles in Long Beach, Ca (runner profile)

Long Beach horror convention this weekend! (Sat 3)
Time: 2:39:52 Pace: 16:18 / Total Miles 3,738.79 since 7/4/18
And you still find time for ten! 8/5 10:46 am

James Kalani (54) US, 606 miles

11.76 miles in Long Beach, Ca (runner profile)

My son Cameron's 21st birthday today!!! (Sun 4)
Time: 1:48:52 Pace: 9:16 / Total Miles 3,750.55 since 7/4/18
Gotta love this photo! I thing I like about you guys is the humor you find in things! 8/5 10:46 am

Michael Anderson (43) US, 194 miles

6.60 miles in Bend (runner profile)

Easy Sunday (Sun 4)
Time: 54 Pace: 8:11 / Total Miles 2,098.17 since 7/4/18
Good job dude! 8/5 10:45 am

Johanna Fourie (56) ZA, 71 miles

3.73 miles in Hoedspruit (runner profile)

Lekker slow run with Erika to start training again (Sun 4)
Time: 00:54:19 Pace: 14:35 / Total Miles 743.07 since 8/29/18
Slow is still moving! And we need to do that everyday. 8/5 10:45 am

Brent Weigner (70) US, 187 miles

8.00 miles in San Francisco (runner profile)

Two mile warmup and two mile cool down, 5k race, and 3k race, (Sun 4)
Time: 1:35:00 Pace: 11:53 / Total Miles 2,224.34 since 7/4/18
You handled our Double 8k well. How did you like doing a double? It was great meeting you (finally after all these years) and Sue. And thanks for all the help! 8/5 10:44 am

Michael Anderson (43) US, 197 miles

3.10 miles in Toasty Bend (runner profile)

Little toasty out, just 1,111 miles for year cool number to close week on (Sun 4)
Time: 30 Pace: 9:41 / Total Miles 2,101.27 since 7/4/18
Big milestone! Congrats! 8/5 10:43 am

James Kalani (54) US, 614 miles

7.83 miles in Long Beach/ Anaheim, Ca (runner profile)

Happy Birthday, Cameron! (Sun 4)
Time: 2:23:51 Pace: 18:23 / Total Miles 3,758.38 since 7/4/18
The big 21 for him! Hope you guys had a blast! 8/5 10:42 am

Johanna Fourie (56) ZA, 81 miles

5.25 miles in Hoedspruit (runner profile)

I am struggling so hard to get my pace back but it feels so good to run again (Mon 5)
Time: 01:19:14 Pace: 15:06 / Total Miles 753.22 since 8/29/18
This is one cool photo! Glad it is coming back! 8/5 10:42 am

Kiranpal Singh Dhody (63) IN, 142 miles

3.73 miles in SAI Kandivali Mumbai (runner profile)

Today did a Speed workout of 6kms @ 5:18 min/km pace. (Mon 5)
Time: 31:49 Pace: 8:33 / Total Miles 1,417.91 since 7/4/18
There you go. Good pace! 8/5 10:41 am

Brent Weigner (70) US, 190 miles

3.00 miles in The Inn at the Presidio (runner profile)

Out and back through the forest trails behind our hotel house. (Mon 5)
Time: 45:43 Pace: 15:15 / Total Miles 2,227.34 since 7/4/18
You two are staying in a cool area of SF. 8/5 10:41 am

James Kalani (54) US, 622 miles

8.42 miles in Anaheim, Ca (runner profile)

Vacationing all week.. taking a much needed break! (Mon 5)
Time: 1:26:43 Pace: 10:18 / Total Miles 3,766.80 since 7/4/18
Happy belated birthday to Cameron. We missed you guys in SF. You did need a break! 8/5 10:41 am

Bob Anderson (71) US, 123 miles

1.70 miles in Mountain View, Ca (runner profile)

Legs are still only 80%. I am thinking because I did not do any longer runs in training (like over 7) for the half, it is taking an extra day or two for recovery. Ran out to the lake. Windy... (Thu 1)
Time: 16:17 Pace: 9:35 / Total Miles 1,952.75 since 7/4/18
Most 71 year old guys can’t compete like you. Well done champ. πŸƒ‍β™‚οΈπŸƒ‍β™‚οΈπŸƒ‍♂️ 8/1 6:06 pm

Brent Weigner (70) US, 167 miles

2.90 miles in Cheyenne’s (runner profile)

Feeling good and we leave tomorrow for a 5k and 3k in San Francisco. πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ (Thu 1)
Time: 33:31 Pace: 11:34 / Total Miles 2,204.24 since 7/4/18
Looking forward to meeting you and Sue. So this will be your first Double 8k. Weather forecast is good 8/1 12:59 pm
Thanks Bob. I tried to join your club today. See you soon. πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ 8/1 3:45 pm

James Kalani (54) US, 469 miles

16.81 miles in Campbell, ca (runner profile)

Along the order of "you can't even make this stuff up".. while running a 7 minute mile pace, I was running through a park on the San Jose/LG border and a pidgeon flew into me from around a tree. It struck me on the left shoulder and crashed to the ground. It appeared to have a broken leg and wing.. I called Animal Control Services to report the incident, they took my info and a witness email to validate what had happened. They said someone would be out in an hour or so and I was free to go. Now it begs the question... was that a sign?? LOL (Fri 26)
Time: 2:28:33 Pace: 8:51 / Total Miles 3,613.14 since 7/4/18
True life can be stranger than faction. Can’t believe this story. You weren’t hurt? 7/26 10:42 pm
It almost felt like getting hit by a slower pitched baseball.. small red mark on me, nothing broke any skin... so I just called santa clara county parks to find out what to do about the bird. Didn't have to file any police report, just an incident report with SCC Parks. It hit me on the shoulder, the careened into a tree, then onto the ground. I have tripped over cats, dogs, even had a baseball hit me at a field where a little league team was playing.. but never a bird lol 7/27 9:05 am
Glad you weren’t hurt James. Could have been bad. 7/27 8:45 pm
Thank you, Bob! Yeah, it hit the bony part, not soft tissue. For the amount of time I spend running these days, I consider myself pretty lucky.. dogs kind of scare me the most.. getting chased hasn't happened yet.. it has before. 7/29 9:19 pm

Bob Anderson (71) US, 114 miles

13.24 miles in San Francisco, Ca (runner profile)

Perfect running weather in San Francisco. My watch showed 13.24. I did start in wave B and I passed people the whole way. Good thing we were not running longer. My legs were finished by the end, congrats to everyone who ran. Met up with Michael Wardian (Sun 28)
Time: 1:46:42 Pace: 8:04 / Total Miles 1,944.12 since 7/4/18
Congratulations on beating your goal. Impressive splits 7/28 2:08 pm
Thanks Dana. Glad it was not any further than a half. I was beginning to fall apart. 7/28 10:46 pm
You really kicked this one!! NICE!!!! 7/29 9:13 pm

Brent Weigner (70) US, 153 miles

3.75 miles in Cheyenne Lions Park (runner profile)

Applied for my visa to Afghanistan and the world’s highest paved road marathon. πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ (Mon 29)
Time: 46:24 Pace: 12:23 / Total Miles 2,190.14 since 7/4/18
It is just amazing how many countries you have travelled too and ran a marathon! 7/29 8:54 pm

Kat Powell (68) US, 69 miles

13.67 miles in Castro Valley, CA (runner profile)

Part of the Brazen Ultra Half Marathon Trail Grand Prix Series, this hilly Trail run around Lake Chabot had over 2000 feet ascent and descent. Day started cool at 8:30am, but quickly heated up before finishing. (Sat 27)
Time: 3:02:14 Pace: 13:20 / Total Miles 1,351.36 since 7/7/18
Well done. Glad you finished before it really got hot. It was perfect in SF for running. 7/29 3:27 pm

Kat Powell (68) US, 29 miles

3.11 miles in Saratoga, CA (runner profile)

WVJS twice yearly track 5K race (Sat 20)
Time: 28:01 Pace: 9:02 / Total Miles 1,310.69 since 7/7/18
Well done! 7/25 10:50 pm
Same track, different season and conditions! Dry and warm for the 5K. 7/29 1:41 pm

James Kalani (54) US, 519 miles

15.23 miles in Los Gatos, Ca (runner profile)

Easy straight running on a knee that is feeling a little wear. Cryo therapy, foam rolling, and yoga is really helping tight IT band. (Sun 28)
Time: 1:58:11 Pace: 7:46 / Total Miles 3,663.03 since 7/4/18
Another solid run! 7/28 10:48 pm

Dana Anstey (71) US, 71 miles

3.00 miles in Walker, Oregon (runner profile)

The blackberries are coming in everywhere. Nice for a mid run snack. (Sun 28) / Total Miles 1,095.22 since 8/21/18
Love finding these berries out on a run! 7/28 10:48 pm

Brent Weigner (70) US, 149 miles

2.90 miles in Cheyenne (runner profile)

Early morning run with Bonzer. (Sun 28)
Time: 35:23 Pace: 12:13 / Total Miles 2,186.39 since 7/4/18
Love running first thing too. 7/28 10:46 pm

Paul Shimon (72) US, 76 miles

4.46 miles in Winfield Kansas (runner profile)

Watching National Championship Track and Field Meet.!! (Sat 27) / Total Miles 2,911.49 since 7/4/18
How was the Coverage? 7/27 8:36 pm
Fair to poor. You get better coverage of the Diamond League meets on the Olympic Channel 7/28 2:09 pm

Dana Anstey (71) US, 48 miles

5.00 miles in Creswell, Oregon (runner profile)

Hoping to start working on getting mileage up some. The picture is from last weeks beach race. (Sun 21) / Total Miles 1,072.62 since 8/21/18
What is that wrapped around your knee? 7/22 8:54 pm
Just a compression sleeve 7/23 6:31 am
Do those help? Lots of runners are wearing them! 7/27 8:50 pm
Seems to provide some stability to the knee I had surgery on. Notice more soreness if I forget it and run anyway 7/28 7:26 am

Kiranpal Singh Dhody (63) IN, 100 miles

15.14 miles in Borivali National Park Mumbai (runner profile)

Today completed BNP Endurathon - 25km race in 2:50:04 Found it very difficult as the body was not moving at my pace. I have never run a competitive race at as slow as 6:59 min/km pace which I got today. Sometimes it’s not your day, and today was not mine. In spite of getting podium finishes continuously for the last three years in BNP Endurathon today I found myself at as low as 6th place in my age category of 55+ ( I am 64) The body completely broke down after 19th km. Thus had to finish with run-walk-run strategy as I didn’t want to stop midway. Took 30 minutes more than my best timing (2:20 hrs) on this route which I got two years ago. Will have to seriously think about why this happened and what went wrong, overtraining, low muscle power, lack of exercise, lack of recovery etc etc. A lot of learnings even after 4years of competitive running. (Sat 27)
Time: 2:50:04 Pace: 11:15 / Total Miles 1,375.68 since 7/4/18
Sometimes we are on and sometimes we are not. Did you have d ouch fuel? Enough sleep? Life over 60 offers lots of challenges. But pick yourself up. Tomorrow is another day! 7/27 8:42 pm
I am not in a habit of taking anything orally while running. I think in practice I will have to start eating something which gives you energy for the later part of your run. Thanks for the advice Bob. 7/27 9:07 pm

Kat Powell (68) US, 26 miles

2.60 miles in Los Gatos, CA (runner profile)

Warm-up and cool down jogging and walking before and after speed Intervals on track (Tue 23)
Time: 33:00 Pace: 12:42 / Total Miles 1,307.58 since 7/7/18
It all counts! 7/27 8:49 pm

Michael Anderson (43) US, 141 miles

3.00 miles in Bene (runner profile)

With Bear (Tue 23)
Time: 28:44 Pace: 9:35 / Total Miles 2,044.65 since 7/4/18
Can’t wIt to see him and you guys! 7/27 8:49 pm
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