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‪Ditch the road and hit the trails running with these tips for beginners!‬

There’s some ridiculously fast trail runners out there. It’s like they glide over rocks and roots. I am not one of those people. You will run slower on trails than on the road, especially as a beginner. It takes time to build up your speed. Base your runs on how you feel rather than what your pace is. Going for time rather than mileage is also a good place to start. If it takes you 45 minutes to run 5 miles on the road, aim to run for 45 minutes on the trail. You may not make it to 5 miles but the effort will probably be the same. Pay Attention to the Trail: It’s very tempting to look around at all the beauty that’s around you while on the trails but once you do, you’ll probably end up doing a face plant. Look down at the ground and a few feet in front of you to pick your path of direction. And be sure to pick your feet up. No shuffling! If you do, you’ll be face planting non stop. Use your Arms: Of course we use our arms in road running but even more so in trail running. By keeping your arms out a little wider, it will help with balance as you change direct or if you need to hop over something...Whatever you do, have fun! There’s bound to be a trail system near you no matter where you live from urban to rural. Give it a try and maybe you’ll be a believer in the saying, “The road to hell is PAVED!” (03/06/2018) ⚡AMP
by Happy Fit Mama

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