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Trail running and racing is more popular than ever and it does requires you to be more alert

Trail running is a fantastic way to soak up the great outdoors. The uneven nature of trails requires a decent level of awareness which - in the long run - may help improve balance and coordination. The surfaces are often softer than the pavement, which will take the stress off joints. It may require a journey out of suburbia, but the serenity is worth the trip alone.  However, several risks present themselves with trail running. A constant level of alertness is required with the rough terrain to avoid slipping and tripping on obstacles.  Specially designed shoes will help and here is why: trail running shoes are generally more sturdy than the average Running shoe.  The Mountain Safety Council suggests when planning a trail run you should consider how long you are running for, the terrain you are running on, what the weather is doing and your fitness level. Other items worth carrying include: water, sunscreen, a First Aid kit, a communication device and perhaps some insect repellent.   (05/05/2018) ⚡AMP

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