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The Run The World Global Run Challenge Team Just finished logging in 24,901 Miles in just under 37 Days

The first ever Run The World team have run and logged enough miles to circle the Global.  A team of 175 strong from around the world came together and not only covered 24,901 miles but they took the time to logged this many miles in 36 Days 23 Hours 13 Minutes.  

The team ran miles in 30 different countries.  The youngest person on the team was Owen Wall, age 11 and the oldest was Libby James, age 82.  Willie Korir from Kenya logged the most miles with 797.37.  

Grace Padilla from the US posted the most for females with 327.11 miles.  The purpose of the Run The World Challenge was to celebrate running, motivate the team, inspire others and complete the goal.  

“Our Mission was accomplished,” says Run The World team leader Bob Anderson.  The next start date is August 29 and it is hoped this record will be broken.  

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