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Stuart Kolb, prepares for his 100th marathon in boston this monday

Stuart Kolb will turn 56 on Monday. He is celebrating by running the Boston Marathon for the eighth time, which also will mark his 100th career marathon. Stuart Kolb says he just feels blessed. “Running allows you to relieve stresses in your day, and from a work-life balance, this is the best thing to do for yourself, to take care of yourself, take care of your health, and running has been my outlet for that,” said Kolb. After over 30 years and six destinations, including Ireland, not to mention some ultra-events with 100-mile runs, Kolb said he is feeling humbled to celebrate his 100th venture as a marathon runner. “Distance runners will tell you it's as much the nutrition and execution. Pacing of course is huge. You can run a great half marathon and really struggle. For me it's always thinking about how your body feels,” said Kolb. Kolb Is hoping to get it done in under three hours. (04/12/2018) ⚡AMP

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