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Sometimes I want to stop as I push myself to the absolute limit but I keep going for the kids

The head of real estate for a global law firm in Australia is currently in training for an upcoming ultramarathon across Indonesian in support of primary school children.  David Jones, who has been with the firm Baker Mckenzie for over 20 years, will be taking part in The Bali Hope Ultramarathon, an 84km run across Bali, in partnership with the Classroom of Hope and Bali Children Foundation. Ultra-distance running has become a passion of David since he started running 10 years ago, he said. “For me, the harder the better — I love mountain running, pushing myself to the absolute limit and finding out what the body is actually capable of when the mind is strong enough to ignore the pain and the constant mantra that sometimes creeps in telling you to stop,” he said. “My passion for fitness and what I have seen it achieve for me personally and for others, both directly and as a tool for raising funds and awareness, led me to setting up a fitness business with my running mate to help train others and encourage them on this journey.” He has always felt that as a member of society with a roof over his head, a steady job and a healthy family, he has a moral obligation to do whatever he can to help others who aren’t as fortunate, he explained.  “An ultra [marathon] allows you, however briefly, to put yourself in a situation where you are suffering and where all you want to do is give up,” he mused. “Then, you think about who you are supporting — kids who live with an undiagnosable condition their whole life, who have never had a day of education in their lives, etc. and you realize that you will of course conquer that last volcano climb or the last few hours of running in darkness covered in blisters and mud.” (05/04/2018) ⚡AMP

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