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Running is the perfect sport for couples and here are reasons why!

Common sport activities improve your bond and set you up for a long-lasting relationship, recent studies say. Some activities, however, are not fun to do together or just too difficult to perform. Others seem to be made for two! Here are some reasons why running is a perfect sport for couples. Three magic words that really make us happy are endorphin, serotonin, oxytocin. These hormones keep up your mood and improve the quality of your sleep. One way to release them is running. Running clears your mind and reduces stress. Running together, practically, becomes some sort of a couple therapy where both partners are working on their psychological stability. Just lace up your running shoes and you’re good to start. Go together to a nearest park or explore your neighbourhood by running. Regular running requires devotion and it’s easier to stay focused when you’re not alone. You can take care of each other and do some pep talk when one of you is ready to give up (Come On!). The support of your partner will be a good reason not to quit and impress them by conquering a new distance. The simplest and most obvious reason – staying in shape together or helping each other lose weight. Even low-impact jogging involves many muscle groups and burns calories. Run together to become the fittest couple on the beach and be proud of the great work you’ve done together (06/26/2018) ‚ö°AMP

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