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Run The World Challenge 2 Profile: Marnie Margolis says that running gives her a great outlet where she can have control, make goals and accomplish something

Running is very important to 48-year-old Marnie Margolis from Winnipeg, Canada. The mother of two (17 and 16), works at Bayer Healthcare and says, "I used to consistently power walk and do treadmill workouts.  The workouts started getting easier and I was going longer.  I then started adding inclines."  Then one day a friend invited her to join her on a 5 mile run outside.  "I said I would try," she remembers. "It went very well and there has not been any looking back. Before I turned 40 I decided it would be my goal to do a half marathon." That hooked her into the marathon world and participating in running events.  How important is running to her?   "It's just a given. It's part of my routine. It's the time where I can think and enjoy some quiet time. It also gives me a great outlet where I can have control, make goals and feel some accomplishment. It keeps me healthy and happy," she says.  In the 2017 Manitoba Marathon Marnie was the 20th female to finish the full marathon and first in her age group.  "In 2018 I ran in the infamous Boston Marathon- torrential downpour, 35 mph winds and 33 degrees. It was the first time I had traveled to participate in a marathon and it was an amazing experience," Marnie says. What does she think is the secret to her success?   "I think consistency.  It's just something I schedule in. I balance it with with circuit workouts and that has helped me be stronger and eliminate soreness post long runs. I don't always love running during, but once I cross the finish line or complete my run I can't wait to go again."  This is Marnie's second Run The World Challenge.   "I think the RTW challenge offers another fun way to enjoy the sport with other like minded runners.  It's been great to focus on helping the team achieve the goal and it's really motivating to check the feed and see all the runners posting photos across the world in amazing spots and sharing their stories," Marnie Margolis says.  She does try to get her kids to run with her but at least for now they are more into hockey, football and basketball.  On September 9th she ran a 30K race on a tough day (wind and rainy) and finished in 2:28:21 which by the way is 7:59/mile pace.  Marnie has logged in 76 miles for the Run The World Challenge 2 since August 29 which is good enough for fourth female.         (09/10/2018) ‚ö°AMP
by Bob Anderson

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