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Leesa Drake is living proof that no matter how fast or how far someone runs, nobody can outrun a cancer diagnosis is running Chicago

Leesa Drake has completed 102 marathons over the last 25 years.  Running this year's Chicago Marathon will be a special day for her after she received a life-threatening cancer diagnosis last year.  "I did as many as 17 marathons in one year," said Drake.  After turning 50 last year, Drake prepped for yet another marathon. Then she was diagnosed with breast cancer in the Spring of 2017.  Ethan Hixson, a physician assistant, delivered the news to Drake.  He was amazed at her positive attitude.  "She just took it in stride and was determined to beat it," said Hixson.  Drake had her sights set on completing the Chicago Marathon last October, but first she had to go through surgery.  She elected to have both breasts removed. Then came chemotherapy and radiation. She experienced nausea, fatigue and hair loss."I was like well, I'll keep doing what I can as long as I can and see how I tolerate the treatment," Drake said.  The medical team was aware of Drake's dedication to running, so they advised her to stay hydrated and take in enough calories to keep her energy levels up.   "We encouraged her to continue to train but be aware that she may be more tired than usual. She may not run as fast as she used to run," said Dr. Nora Hansen, surgeon.  Last year, in the middle of treatment, Drake completed the marathon.  "It was a very social marathon for me. I had friends who hopped in and ran stretches," said Drake.  She was declared cancer-free last December. The 2018 Chicago Marathon will be her first as a survivor. (10/06/2018) Views: 1,170 ‚ö°AMP

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