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Happy Course Hunting - Michael Anderson on running File 4

So many times I will be out on a run and spot some path and decide to just take it. This is my way of charting new courses and see where it takes me. Sometimes the path I take leads to a dead end which results in backtracking but most of the time it leads me to a whole new area that I have never been before and some awesome connector to something else.

On Thursday’s run I found such a path which lead me to a huge amount of other trails that are single track. It makes me so excited to explore the area and see what additional course I can chart out.

What I love about running is just this, the Exploration of the area, getting the lay of the land on foot that you will never experience driving a car. I just love it.  Another bonus of running

Good indications to check out a path

A dirt road that seems to be a connector between two major roadways

A golf course path, but be careful 

A Bike path, most cities have them

A hidden trail off the path, this will usually lead somewhere so be prepared that it doesn't twist you around

Happy Course hunting

(Editor’s note: Michael Anderson on running is a regular column covering common sense advice by a lifetime runner.  He has run the Boston, Big Sur, San Francisco and Seattle Marathons and has been running most of his life.)

(02/03/2019) ⚡AMP
by Michael Anderson

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