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Global Run Challenge Profile: Willie Korir says of this challenge, It builds a strong bond and love for running around the Global

RUN THE WORLD:  Willie Korir's father and mother lives in Eldoret, Kenya.  He is the seventh born in a family of nine, five boys and four girls.  All of his family lives in Eldoret.  Willie lives near Nairobi. Willie joined the first Global Run Challenge on Global Running Day and posted the most miles, 22.5 miles and he plans on averaging 131 miles weekly for this challenge.  That is almost 22 miles daily since he takes off one day each week.  I asked him...  "I got into running through my friend William Waweru and my cousin Reuben Maiyo who used to always encourage me to run coz they saw a lot of potential in me," he said.  We had met in 2013 when we travelled to Kenya to stage a Double Racing event.  More recently we connected on Facebook.  I asked him how important running is to him. "Running makes me fit physical and healthier. I love running a lot coz its something flowing in me," he wrote.  How about life in Kenya?  "My life in Kenya is blessed with good weather and nice terrain for training. Life here is so hard for upcoming athletes like me coz you need to look for money to buy food, pay rent, buy training gear and look for races to run locally. Athletic career is so competitive coz every person is in good shape because of hard training.  Sometimes i go training without a meal but coz of love for sport I crush 18+ km, 30km long run or speedwork then drink water, sleep a little and wait for next session with determination of being the best athlete," he wrote.   Any secrets? He is a good runner with goals of running a sub 61 minute half marthon and sub 2:10 marthon.  "My secret is running smart.  This involves planning well my workout and later reflect my weekly training so as to know where to improve and maintain. Lastly, I always think and dream about running." he says.  And being part of Run The world?  "The Run The World Global Run Challenge is a nice platform that bring athletes together and share a goal of self management in sports.  It builds a strong bond and love for running around the globe hence making the whole world a running planet."  Willie has big goals and we are glad to have him on our team.   (06/24/2018) ‚ö°AMP
by Bob Anderson

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