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Brad Caswell is running Boston again after losing 90 pounds and feeling better than ever

Running has given me a new love. I volunteered at the Boston Marathon finish line three years ago and was blown away by the energy. The runners had done something amazing, their friends and family all supported them in it, and it was truly touching. At the time, I weighed about 275 pounds. I couldn’t run more than a mile at a time, but I went home and signed up for a half marathon that day just to feel a small part of that. I ran the Old Port half and fell in love. Since then I have run another 13 half marathons, the Boston Marathon for the first time last year, and, most importantly, gotten my weight under control. Through my new love of running, I’ve lost about 90 pounds, and feel better than I ever have before. (04/11/2018) ⚡AMP

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