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hakone ekiden

Monday January 3rd, 2022
Tokyo, JPN
Distance: Marathon Relay

Hakone Ekiden, which is officially called Tokyo-Hakone Round-Trip College Ekiden Race, is one of the most prominent university ekiden (relay marathon) races of the year held between Tokyo and Hakone in Japan on 2 and 3 January. The race is telecast on Nippon Television. Only men take part in the competition, meaning there is greater investment in the men's ekiden running programmes at the competing universities.

This two-day race from Atemachi to Hakone and back is separated into five sections on each day. Due to slight variations in the courses, the first day distance is 108.0 km while the distance on the second day is 109.9 km. Only male runners are allowed to run.

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hakone ekiden

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hakone ekiden, Race Date: 2022-01-03, Distance: Marathon Relay
Division Time Name Age Home
Male 1:00:40 Yamato Yoshii
2nd Male 1:01:19 Takumi Karasawa
3rd Male 1:01:24 Tomoki Ichimura
4th Male 1:01:24 Akihito Kimura
Division Time Name Age Home
hakone ekiden

Hakone Ekiden was born in 1920 (Taisho 9), 90 years ago from now.
What motivated the foundation was the thought of Kannichi Shimizu et al., Known as the father of the marathon, "I want to train runners that pass the world."Kinugi participated in the Stockholm Olympic Games in 1912 (Meiji 45) when Japan first appeared as a student of Tokyo Takasaki, finished abstaining on the way and returned home without hesitation.

Under such circumstances, "Tokyo Forty Fifty Year Festival / Tokaido Ekiden Ekiden Walking Race" which will be the first ekiden in Japan in 1917 (Taisho 6) was held in Kyoto Sanjo Ohashi and Tokyo / Ueno Shinobu Ikeama.
It was planned as a co-sponsored event of the Yomiuri Shimbun opened in Ueno as a co-sponsoring event, a spectacular Sasuki relay that divides Kyoto - Tokyo 516 kilometers into 23 sections and runs cumbersome day and night for three days.The race which took place in the east and west against was a great success, and this became "prototype" of Hakone Ekiden.

Kimura et al., Who strongly emphasized the success of "Tokaido Ekiden", asked participants to explain the significance of the establishment of Hakone Ekiden at universities, normal schools and vocational schools, and invited participation, Waseda University, Keio Univ., Akihiro, Tokyo Takasaki The fact that four schools responded is a founding statement.It is due to these circumstances that the first event was held under the name of "Four Great School Ekiden Relay Races".
The creation of Hakone Ekiden was also the result of the endless energy of the pioneers of the sports world at that time.Back then, World War I just finished a lot of victims have finished.The factory zone gradually extended to the west, and the width of the road also expanded in the Tokaido of the aorta.In the sports world, the challenge spirit and enthusiasm of gradually "doing it?" Reflecting the air of these times were overflowing.

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