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The North Face 100 Hong Kong

Sunday December 15th, 2019
Hong Kong
Distance: 100k · Ultra

The North Face 100 Hong Kong is the fourth 100km trail running race ever held in the city's history. Race Director Keith Noyes has tailor made a brand new race course to pose brand new challenges for runners, encouraging them to conquer the wilderness with The North Face's "Never Stop Exploring" spirit.

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The North Face 100 Hong Kong

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The North Face 100 Hong Kong, Race Date: 2019-12-15, Distance: 100k
Division Time Name Age Home
Male 12:49:57 Ho Chung Wong 30 Hong Kong
2nd Male 13:12:18 Kai Pong Law 29 Hong Kong
3rd Male 13:23:20 John Ray Onifa 25 Philippines
4th Male 13:38:45 Mat Leng 30 Cambodia
Female 15:45:34 Man Yee Cheung 29 Hong Kong
2nd Female 16:09:19 Gill Fowler 30 Australia
3rd Female 16:40:32 Wai Yin Chiu 39 Hong Kong
4th Female 17:51:41 Shuk Nga Suan Chan 31 Hong Kong
Division Time Name Age Home
The North Face 100 Hong Kong

Course Route Details

100km and 50km Section 1:

Tai Mei Tuk/Pat Sing Leng Nature Trail/Wu Kau Tang
Approximate distance ~ 6.6 km

100km and 50km Section 2:

Wu Kau Tang/Plover Cove Reservoir/Ha Miu Tin/Wu Kau Tang
Approximate distance ~ 8.1 km

100km and 50km Section 3:

Wu Kau Tang/Lai Chi Wo/So Lo Pun/Yung Shue Au/Kuk Po/Luk Keng.
Approximate distance ~ 13.5 km

100km and 50km Section 4:

Luk Keng/Nam Chung Country Trail/Tan Chuk Hang/Hok Tau.
Approximate distance ~ 9.5 km

50km Section 5:

Hok Tau/ Hok Tau Reservoir/ Ping Fung Shan, Pat Sin Leng/Tai Mei Tuk.
Approximate distance ~ 12.1 km

100km Section 5:

Hok Tau/Lau Shui Heung Country Trail/Kat Tsai Shan Au/Lung Shan/Fan Ling.
Approximate distance ~ 9.25 km

100km Section 6:

Fan Ling/Kei Lak Tsai/Pak Tai To Yan/Tai To Yan/Lam Kam Road/Ng Tung Chai.
Approximate distance ~ 8.7 km

100km Section 7:

Lam Kam Road/Ng Tung Chai Village/Tai Mo Shan Forest Track/Sze Lok Yuen Hostel.
Approximate distance ~ 8.75 km

100km Section 8:

Sze Lok Yuen Hostel/Lung Mun Trail/Lead Mine Pass/Yuen Tun Ha.
Approximate distance ~ 14.1 km

100km Section 9:

Yuen Tung Hal/Pan Chun Yuen, Taipo/Cloudy Hill/Sha Lo Tung.
Approximate distance ~ 10.3 km

100km Section 10:

Sha Lo Tung/Hok Tau/Ping Fung Shan/Pat Sin Leng/Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail.
Approximate distance ~ 11.6 km

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