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IMsport Golden Gate 5K

Sunday August 5th, 2018
San Francisco, CA
Distance: 5K

Our organization name is International Migration SportEducation, and also known as IMSEC.

The mission is to Educate, improve, enrich, protect, and, enhance the talent of those refugees and immigrants who are voice less and have no platform to practice and exercise those talents.

The goal is to provide training centers or facilities, coaching, and equipment and all the tools they need to ensure that their talents are developed into flourishing ones to a level of professionals that can sustain themselves and their families.

Our first race is going to be the IMsport Golden Gate 5K held in conjuction with the 4th annual Golden Gate Double Racing Festival and the RUN THE WORLD Global Run Challenge final victory lap celebration in San Francisco near the Golden Gate Bridge.


This race is our first of its kind in a longer-term plan to organize and host running events to raise money to build and sustain the centers for training and enhancement of talents that are discovered among refugees and immigrants around the world. The funds will also be used to assist in the beneficiaries living conditions while they are training and will also allow us to facilitate these athletes to compete around the world.

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IMsport Golden Gate 5K

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Bob Anderson
We are excited to be working with Bihama and his organization (IMsport) on their first race. It is going to be part of our Golden Gate Double Racing Festival. His cause is a good one and we hope you will help support this non-profit organization.
Race Date: 08/05/2018 Distance: 5k
Division Time Name Age Home
Male 17:43 Alan Alarcon 39 France
2nd Male 19:24 Pedro Montes 31 Azusa, CA
3rd Male 23:20 Emma Burns 48 Canada
4th Male 30:33 Sibomana Emmanuel 10 Canada
Female 31:46 Kelly Niebur 31 South Africa
2nd Female 45:57 Brittany Richmond 20 Canada
3rd Female 48:24 Ellie Sumaraga 58 Canada
Division Time Name Age Home
M 40-49 31:47 JARY NIEBUR 40 San Francisco, CA
M 50-59 45:19 DOUG SUMARAGA 57 Canada
IMsport Golden Gate 5K

Bihama Vidaste is the Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and head of Performance. He is the ambassador of Skechers Performance USA and winner of different marathons and races around California, a board member of Friends and Children of Haiti. He is also a regular speaker and works with the homeless in San Francisco bay area. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from Notre Dame De Namur University with a minor in Sociology. An experienced medical assistant, he is also a medical student. He loves running, visiting friends and travelling back to Africa.

Just like the goal of this race and the organization itself, I was a soccer player and my dream were to be a soccer player. After I came to America, I bout a soccer ball and shoes. One day as I warmed up in the park to start playing soccer a stranger approached me. He asked me if I was training for a half marathon. I said yes because I did not want him to as too many questions. He gave me his number to call him. I did not call however. Two weeks later he saw me again and I told him that I lost his number. He gave to me again though I simply did not want to call him.

The third time, he asked me my number. He called me up and we trained together. Two and half months I ran rock and roll half marathon and I did 1:24. He got encouraged and he paid a gym membership and a trainer for six months. After that, I got a scholarship to college where I ran and was the top runner for two year and then I moved on a year later I got sponsored by Skechers performance USA till today. If it was not this man who saw me and paid for me for the trainer and took me to the gym every morning Monday through Friday, then, I would not have been here today. Because of this, my world has been opened and many opportunities have come my way due to running. This is the reason why this organization exist today.


We strive to search, locate, enhance and develop talents through cooperation and individual searches. We hold different events to search talents among migrants and refugees. This program is for only primary education and the first three years of high school or the 9 th grade in the western world. If you believe you have the following: Am I fit? Am I talent? Do I believe in myself? Do I want to rise above my doubt? Do I want to be something bigger than myself? Do I want to change the world? Do I see beyond now? Can I sing out loud? Can I do art? Can I do any other sport or hobby not mentioned here? Then, you have what it takes. Contact us at


We strive to educate. We support children and school that enhance the environment of migrant and refugees to learn and develop new skills. The condition of support is based on the basic needs of the child. If you are or have : Strong academic performance , Disability in learning Interested in science and technology Or enthusiastic and believe in hard work And you are an immigrant or refugee, please do contact us at


While we encourage all to be part of an academic program to get a degree , we also recognise that there are others who are not able to go to school but thrive in other areas of life like vocational works. We encourage those to join us in enhancing or starting a new vocational training program that will enhance your skills to be competitive on the job market. Qualification : If you are : 20 years and younger A school drop out Have had a vocational training but need to sharpen up Or need help figuring out where to start , Then please contact us at

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